housewarming ice luge

22 Jul

It started off as a joke. I told C & J that I’d craft a 90’s frat boy-style ice luge for their “Welcome to the Burbs” housewarming party. If you’re not familiar with ice luges, there’s apparently a wikipedia entry you can read here. I imagine a Siberian dude chiseled the first ice luge out of sheer boredom.

After some internet research, the prospect of building my own ice luge didn’t seem so intimidating. I’d start with a plastic storage box filled with water and frozen at a tilt in my freezer for two days.

Next step, remove the ice from the container. After 10 minutes of thawing on the counter, I carefully tipped the ice out of the box.

I was skeptical at first because the container bottom had grown bulbous during freezing. But, after thawing on a baking sheet, the bottom flattened itself.

Also, the surface appears cloudy due to cracking. I blame air bubbles and uneven temps in the freezer.

Next, I decided to create a paper pattern for the squiggly channel I was about to carve, so I wouldn’t have to free-hand it.

Using a flat head screwdriver and hammer, I chiseled an outline around the paper pattern, then went back and chipped out chunks to form a half-inch deep channel.

The cracks under the surface of the ice at times caused large chunks to break off, but you really don’t need to be precise here…. it is what it is!

Last step: I poured a bit of warm water down the channel to smooth out the luge course and deepen it. All told, it only took me about 20-minutes to create the ice luge.

Handily, I plunked the ice luge back into the container I froze it in, which has handles for carrying. And off to the burbs I went!

The big unveil incited a chorus of oooohs and ahhhhs and giggles. We propped the ice luge on the edge of a kitchen counter such that the drinker would have to kneel on the floor to take a shot. I think you can imagine the embarrassing photos that I decided not to post here…. Next time, I’ll be sure to carve a pool or lip at the bottom to avoid awkward “slurping.” 😉

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