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what’s old is new again: panos

26 Jul

labyrinth at land's end (click to enlargen)

Growing up, I had a friend who was always had to be the first to get whatever was trendy and new. She was the first to wear Z. Cavariccis. She had a see-thru pager (more expensive than the black kind). When everyone was into Gameboy, she was growing a pet tamagochi. She also owned a mini disc player.

One of the coolest things she introduced me to was panoramic photography (pre-digital cameras). Her parents had given her a special wide-angle lens camera with a switch to shoot in panoramic format. We marveled at the giant prints that wouldn’t fit into the normal drugstore photo pouches and instead arrived jutting out of huge envelopes.

aqua tunnel, academy of sciences (click to enlargen)

There’s just something about taking in a 180-degree view from another’s perspective that I find particularly captivating — as if standing in their shoes contemplating one’s smallness on earth.

As you may know, I hate the Hipstamatic iPhone app that gives photos a vintage look complete with tattered edges. It’s about as dumb as tearing holes in and acid washing your jeans. I am, however, a huge fan of the Pano app that stitches together photos into a glorious panoramic.

What’s cool about Pano is that while taking consecutive photos, it shows you a ghosted visual of your last shot, so you can line up the seam perfectly. It also does alignment and color adjustments for you through the magic of algorithms. Props to Pano for bringing back the old school, new school style.

A collection of my latest panos – CLICK TO ENLARGEN:

osprey sanctuary, maine

grand view park, overlooking golden gate park

view from sausalito facing angel island and sf

fourth of july from outer mission rooftop

ropeswing at billy goat hill